Apex Legends New BR Map + Season 10 Map Changes


Apex Legends New BR Map + Season 10 Map Changesって動画が話題らしいぞ



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Apex Legends ia making some crazy changes to worlds edge for season 10 which include blowing up half the map due to a critical failure incasing the area with more lava. Along with that Respawn is working on the next Battle Royal Map and it seems all evidence is pointing to us traveling to the jungle planet of Gaea which is the home of Caustic, Crypto, and Rampart where you can also find a cure for the Medusa vines which entered the game for the season 9 olympus changes. We also have a look at the new arena map which should be entering the game for the Thrill Seekers event mode coming just next week which will also take place on worlds edge.

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